Gazebos, Indonesian furniture, Teak furniture & Balinese furniture
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Gazebos, Indonesian furniture, Teak furniture & Balinese furniture

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Welcome to Indoz Design
Your Gazebo Specialist

Indoz Design is a small and new company on the furniture market, based in Jogjakarta, with production in Jepara, Central Java. We are producing teakwood furniture using kiln dried and recycled teak. Compared to many production houses in Jepara, our catalogue is kept to a minimum, with basic everyday products. Nevertheless, if you require products not listed, we are able to produce all the standard 'Jepara products'.

Further more we are offering a range of recycled repro furniture, which we hope to increase steadily.

Please note, that some products are shown only in raw, unfinished state. These images are gradually replaced, showing the finished product. 

Our Gazebo and Indonesian Product Catalogue


Recycled Teak/Repro Furniture
Teak Furniture
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